Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

M. Sc. Maximilian Golla

Allgegenwärtige Authentifizierung

Markus Dürmuth - 05.2019


Fabian Langer

Implementing a Framework for Comparing Password Guessing Tools

Markus Dürmuth, Maximilian Golla - 05.2015

Sirke Reimann

Timed Revocation of User Data Based on Dynamic Changes of Web Pages

Markus Dürmuth - 10.2011


Norbert Schmitz

Improved Guessing of Composite Passwords

Markus Dürmuth - 03.2012

Fabian Wilhelm Angelstorf

Analyzing and improving OMEN, a Markov-Model based Password Guesser

Markus Dürmuth - 05.2013


Sirke Reimann

Analyzing the Structure of Passwords to Improve Strength Measurement and Password Cracking

Markus Dürmuth - 10.2013


Thorsten Kranz

GPU-Assisted Password Hashing: The Example of scrypt

Markus Dürmuth - 04.2014


Maximilian Golla

Graphical Fallback Authentication

Markus Dürmuth - 07.2014

Mohamad Nehme

Timed Revocation of User Data

Markus Dürmuth - 08.2014

Tobias Braun

User Authentication from Acceleration Sensor Data

Markus Dürmuth - 10.2014