Abgeschlossene Abschlussarbeiten

Maria Kober

The User's Role in Digital Oblivion: A Systematic and Open Questions

Markus Dürmuth, Florian Farke - 10.2019

Jaqueline Basdorf

Bad Pass­word Ad­vice: Get­ting Rid of Old Mis­con­cep­ti­ons

Markus Dürmuth, Maximilian Golla - 01.2020

Lennart Lorenz

Eva­lua­ting FIDO2 Se­cu­ri­ty Keys in a Cor­po­ra­te Con­text

Markus Dürmuth, Florian Farke - 09.2019

Florian Momberg

WebAuthn Misconceptions

Markus Dürmuth, Maximilian Golla - 03.2020

Alexander Röttcher

Crea­ting a Data­ba­se of Rea­lis­tic Morphs

Markus Dürmuth - 10.2019

Daniel Theis

Do I Want to For­get? On the Con­cept and Con­text of Di­gi­tal For­get­ting

Markus Dürmuth, Florian Farke - 12.2019

Elias Hejazi

Towards Implementing Digital Forgetting Based on Internet Connection Properties

Theodor Schnitzler - 12.2019

Dominik Adler

From the Vault into the Box-Towards Secure Password Management for Virtualized Browsing Environments

Philipp Markert - 04.2020

Kai Kolter

Reviewing Account Activity Pages

Philipp Markert - 06.2021

Jan Westbeld

Systemization of Attacks on Mobile Authentication

Philipp Markert - 06.2021