iOS App for Timing Measurements


Supervision: Theodor Schnitzler

Start date: as soon as possible

Duration: 3 months

More details:


Sen­ding mul­ti­ple ti­ming pro­bes al­lows for lo­ca­li­zing so­me­thing at an un­known lo­ca­ti­on. One ex­amp­le of this is GPS, where we use the trans­mis­si­on times of se­ver­al si­gnals to esti­ma­te the po­si­ti­on of a de­vice. We can use the same prin­ci­ple to lo­ca­li­ze users wi­thout their agree­ment, e.g., through sen­ding mul­ti­ple mes­sa­ges to their mo­bi­le phone. In con­trast to exis­ting at­tacks, the mes­sen­ger-ba­sed lo­ca­liza­t­i­on only re­qui­res knowing the victim's pu­blic iden­ti­fier (phone num­ber) and does not de­pend on down­link snif­fers and a di­rect ac­cess to a radio cell.

The stu­dent's task is to implement an iOS application that measures the offset for remote timing probes. The functionality must include the sending and receiving of such timing probes and exact measurements of the time delta. The target device for these measurements is an iPhone XR. After the successful implementation of the application, the student analyzes the measurement capabilities of the implementation and conducts a short experimental study for timing probes sent from different remote locations.


  • Programming Skills
  • (iOS Development)