Reviewing Account Activity Pages


Supervision: Philipp Markert

Start date: as soon as possible

Duration: 6 Monate

More details:


Nearly all service providers offer their users the option to review recent account activities, and sometimes they even force them to review them. Yet, the design of those pages differs vastly among different services, indicating that there is no clear best-practice. For example, some pages present numerous details of the logins to the users, while others are limited to basic information like a timestamp.

The task of this thesis is to first analyze the status quo in terms of how different service providers implement their account activity pages. Based on this, the student should design a study to test the different implementations and use the outcome of this study to create recommendations on how account activity pages should be designed in order to help users in the review process.


  • Experience in qualitative user research (e.g., from our "Usable Security and Privacy" course)