User Study on Awareness of Data Sharing/Privacy/Security


Supervision: Franziska Herbert

Start date: anytime (ab Sommer 21)

Duration: 3 Monate (Bachelor)

More details:


Through the ongoing digitalization of our everyday lives the amount of data produced by everyone is steadily increasing. This happens through personal decisions and items, such as the use of social media or smartphones but also through more and more capturing in public spaces, such as e.g. CCTV. Are people aware of the data they are sharing? Are people aware of potential threats to their IT-privacy and security? What are common misconceptions of security and privacy threats? And what actions do people take to secure their data?

The objective of this thesis is to answer one/some of these questions with the use of qualitative or quantitative research methods like questionnaires, focus groups or interviews.


  • Strong interest in human subject research
  • Strong interest in qualitative research methods