User Study on Facebook's Off-Facebook Activity Dashboard


Supervision: Florian Farke

Start date: as soon as possible

Duration: 6 Monate (Master)

More details:


More and more Internet platforms offering their users means to check what data they have collected when interacting with the platform. In recent years, companies like Google or Facebook implemented some sort of activity dashboards like Google's My Activity or Facebook's Activity Log. While these dashboards providing undoubtedly some interesting insights into the data collection practices of these platforms, it is still in questions whether they are useful as privacy/transparency enhancing tool as which they are marketed by the companies.

Investigating the utility of an activity dashboard and the user's attitude towards the data collection practices presented in that dashboard is the objective of this thesis. The task is to develop, implement, conduct, and evaluate a study to investigate the perceived usefulness of and concerns raised by Facebook's Off-Facebook Activity dashboard.


  • Strong interest in human subject research
  • Profound programming skills
  • Optional: Experience with web development (especially with Typescript and Angular)